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 aggro bug of conq!!

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MessageSujet: aggro bug of conq!!   Ven 28 Oct - 17:05

I did more tests today, and i discovered something interesting.

My base agro is 9.4%.

I used a build with Mocking Sneer fully feated & without improved retaliation, and my base agro raised up to a 14.4%.

I started to tank a melee boss, and i was able to hold the agro of a full t3 sin, by spamming all my taunts.

Then, i refeated, and i created a build without Mocking Sneer, but, with fully feated improved retaliation. When the combo GODS is up, you gain a +5% of hate modifier, so, 9.4% + 5% = 14.4%.

I started to tank a melee boss, and i was NOT able to hold the agro of the same sin, no matter what i did.

How is this possible ? Both builds have the same +hate modifier.

The conclusion is easy: +hate modifier from GODS does NOT work !

I did the test because somebody from the American forums confirmed my results aswell:

Today, i can confirm it. It's bugged !

Developers, please, check it.

From Test Live by Tronkita

Please conqs change the build for aggro Very Happy
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aggro bug of conq!!
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